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01 January 2008 @ 04:42 pm
A pic and a fic for Terriblesecret, on New Year's Day  

It was wonderful to see all these amazing gifts, created by this community!   I hope it's been a good holiday season for all and thanks for really brightening mine!

 Terriblesecret, when you requested a pairing of Cameron and Wilson, I'll bet you weren't expecting anything like this...I do hope that you'll eventually find all these silly gifts and that you get to enjoy them, at some point!   With Best Wishes--HT

Terriblesecret, I’ve never written Housefic before…I hope this will be a fitting New Year's gift though and that you will enjoy this story:

Title: His Girl
Chapter: 1 of 1
Author: HouseTango
Rating: PG
Pairing: Wilson and Cameron

Dedication: For TerribleSecret--Wilson & Cameron are so caring, they make a perfect pair!...However, the thought of someone else stops them…
Summary: Wilson & Cameron share a private moment, set during Season 4, during the current holiday season.
Disclaimer: I do not own “House” or its characters used in this story. What a wonderful world this would be, if only I could own “House” for a day!

It’s another stressful, holiday season, made worse by the fact that you’re still living in that damn hotel and you’re too depressed to let Bonnie, your still-caring ex-wife, find a new apartment, or home for you. Bonnie is currently involved with a new guy, so you don’t feel like seeing her, only to be reminded of just how much you miss being in a romantic relationship. If House isn’t also equally too depressed, you will probably wind up spending Christmas with him, sharing Chinese food, bad movies and even worse jokes. However, you have another day to worry about that, since today is December 23rd. Right now, you have a more important matter to take care of. You usually make a point of not getting too emotionally attached to your oncology patients. However, one of your very favorite patients is being brought into the ER, by her family. Instead of waiting patiently in your office, you find that you’re heading towards the ER, to wait for their arrival. You fervently hope that you can buy your remarkable patient some more time. With that in mind, you’re eager to find the calm, assertive, comforting and in-control version of Cameron, now that she’s become a Senior Attending doctor in the ER. You want to consult with her and ask her to help you, in giving your favorite patient the best treatment possible.

However, when you arrive in the middle of the frenzied ER, you see that Cameron is not dressed in her usual pink scrubs, but in a stunningly gorgeous black cocktail dress, giving you a side view of her. Your breath catches and you’re instantly reminded that out of her daily garb and all dolled up, Cameron could easily have become a supermodel! Looking at her from this distance, you could easily picture her on some red carpet, in Hollywood… Or, on a fashion runway. She’s busily giving some kind of instructions to the other ER staff. It looks like she may be leaving for the night, to go on a date, or some fancy event. She doesn’t see you, as you approach, with this besotted look in your eye.

“Very hot date tonight?” You teasingly ask her this question, as you reach her.

The nurse that she was conferring with has just stepped away and Cameron turns to face you. Suddenly, all your words die in your mouth and your heart sinks, as you finally see her face & expression. Despite the spectacular dress, she looks pale and tired and almost in need of medical care, herself. As you approach, she looks up at you and you’re frozen in place, by the rather despondent look that she gives you. On closer inspection, you can tell that she’s been crying. You reach up and gently place your hand on her shoulder and try to find out why she’s so upset. You guide her into one of the quieter alcoves, so that the two of you can talk privately.

“Cameron, what’s wrong?” You’re giving her your most caring look, hoping you can help her.

“Just a really bad day,” she tells you. However, you absolutely know that it’s more than that.

“Did something bad happen to you?” She shakes her head and turns her eyes downward, to hide the fact that they’re moist & she’s about to shed more tears.

“Is it a patient? She shakes her head no.

“Is it a friend, a loved one, or co-worker?” No, seemingly not that…

“Is it Chase…Are there problems between you two? I know, it’s really not my business, but if you want to talk, I’m here for you…” Again, she’s shaking her head to let you know that your guess is still incorrect…And she doesn’t seem to want to discuss whatever relationship she might currently be sharing with Chase. However, your curiosity is truly peaked and you’d love to know just what her relationship status is…You stop yourself from digging very deep into your motivations for wanting these answers though…Cameron is definitely dangerous territory and you warn yourself from viewing her as ever being a potential lover for yourself…You find your heart sinking at this thought, since if circumstances were completely different, she’d be just about everything you’ve ever desired in a wife! No, you MUST STOP such thoughts though and go back to trying to help her…

“Cuddy, Foreman...or, House?” She looks up at you with a frozen stare, just after you mention House’s name.

“It’s House, isn’t it?! What’s he done or said, this time? And if it is House, shouldn’t you be prepared for such things, after knowing him this long?!” You give her a tender, half-smile, as you say this last statement. She’s still staring at you, but shaking her head, to let you know that your guesses aren’t correct. You both share a look, as if you’ve shared this conversation before…She looks even closer to tears now. Just what she didn’t need from you…You’re actually making this worse for her!

“No, it’s not House…not this time!” She gives a sad, world-weary smile, as she meets your eyes…Thanks to the inimitable Gregory House, all three of you share a very uneasy connection! You’re very relieved that he hasn’t hurt her again, this time, though. You know that you’re on very dangerous ice and that your next guess could end the conversation abruptly…Your mind is racing a mile a minute to decide just what words to use, in mentioning Cameron’s late husband.

“Look, Cameron, please stop me if you don’t want me to ask any more questions…But, is this something to do with your late husband?” She gives you a chilling look, to let you know that you’re on thin ice here. Then, her eyes resignedly look down and she’s giving you indications that you might have found the source of her anguish.

“You look so…bereft…Were you thinking of him?” She gives you a look that let’s you know that you’re very close to the answer. You tread very lightly now, hesitating before quietly asking the next question.

“Can I ask…did your husband die around the holiday season?” As she looks at you, her eyes are moist with unshed tears. Before she even replies, you already know her answer.

“Yes…he died during the holidays…ten years ago…To honor the anniversary and his memory, a number of my friends and I have raised money, to set up a scholarship in his name...The dedication ceremony is tonight…and I have to give a speech before hundreds of invited guests…I’m just a nervous wreck and I don’t know how I’ll get through this…”

You’re floored by her response and the fact that she’s taken her grief-filled past and channeled it into this positive event. You try to tell her this. “You’re amazingly resilient and you WILL get through this, I promise! You can be enormously proud of yourself” She’s giving you a look mixed with free-flowing tears and a sad smile, as you say this to her.

“I only wish you had told me about this event before…I would have liked to participate, in some way…” You suddenly see that this idea had also occurred to her and she suddenly looks shy and regretful.

“Actually, I was going to ask you if you could help out and give the keynote speech, on the topics of thyroid and brain cancer…I really could have used your help with this dedication ceremony. I’ve never organized anything like this before. But, I didn’t want House to find out about this…I know that’s childish, but I couldn’t really handle any sarcasm, or lack of support from him, right at the moment. Normally, I’m not this shaky, but having to give this speech about my husband, has brought back all the memories of his death…As if it had happened just yesterday…”

Your look of surprise and silence spurs her on…

“I’m so sorry that I didn’t let you know about this sooner though…I really could have used your help with all of this…” She gives you both an apologetic and pleading look, that nearly breaks your heart and she’s now fully crying.

“Damn, House!” You suddenly grab her in a hug and squeeze her tight and stroke her back to comfort her. You are rocking her in your arms as she accepts your embrace and leans her head against your shoulder and chest. Her tears are soaking through your shirt and simultaneously melting your heart…You hug her even tighter and start gently stroking her back and then, her face, while drawing her closer and closer. She squeezes back and hugs you for reassurance, at which point you start kissing the top of her head and whispering gentle words of comfort to her. You want to erase all her hurt, all the bad memories…all your hurt, all YOUR bad memories…It suddenly dawns on you, that YOU’RE desperately in need of HER comfort, that being held like this, is EXACTLY what you’ve been missing and hungering for. You want to kiss and hug away all of your mutual damages and painful relationships and you suddenly realize that you could comfort her, forever! You’re pleading with yourself not to let this go any further…not to ruin this innocent moment, by making an inappropriate pass at her. She looks up at you, with questioning eyes and tear-soaked cheeks, seemingly knowing that you are fighting some internal battle with yourself. You kiss her forehead, and wipe her tears away with your thumbs…and give her a mournful, sardonic sigh and a regretful half-smile.

“He’s not even in this damn room with us…and yet, he’s very much in this room, right now…Isn’t he?” You give this last statement with a bitter laugh and you’re not really expecting any reply from her. At first she gives you a puzzled and confused look…and then, Cameron seemingly knows what you are implying. There is a moment frozen in time, where you are just looking at her face and then, her lips and you’re debating just how far you can really take this…Every part of your body is trying to convince you to just give her a kiss. She spares you the debate and gives you a quick and gentle kiss on the lips, followed by a very tight hug and then, she’s frustratingly, pulling away from you. But, she gives you a knowing look…A look that tells you that yes, if circumstances had been completely different, this might be the beginning of something and NOT the end of this comfort session!

Wilson, you’ve been such a comfort tonight…thanks for lending me your support! But, I really should get going now, since I can’t be late to my own affair…First, I better go and wash my face, after all this crying” She tells you this with a tender and grateful look of affection. Your own heart is racing and you’re staring at her still-lovely face, despite all her tears.

“They will all understand…and you still look beautiful! Good luck with tonight’s event…I know you will do very well…Oh, and I promise to make a contribution to your scholarship fund…If you ever need a speech at a future fundraiser, I’m all yours…”

She actually smiles at this and with a squeeze of your hand, she gives you one last look of appreciation and says, “Thanks, you’ll never know just how much you helped me out tonight…”

She turns to leave and you’re left standing there, cursing all the men that she’s ever loved in this world. As you watch Cameron depart in a rush, you see your favorite patient being wheeled into the ER, on a stretcher…Your kind and world-weary patient, who will probably and inevitably succumb one day…to thyroid cancer.


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